2021-03-15T10:50:43.000-07:00March 15 2021, at 10:50 AM PDT, Ed Collins said:

I want to see what happens if I don’t give up. - Unknown

2021-03-12T07:56:43.000-08:00March 12 2021, at 07:56 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

“There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty.” – Unknown

2021-03-11T09:38:21.000-08:00March 11 2021, at 09:38 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

The more you practice tolerating discomfort, the more confidence you'll gain in your ability to accept new challenges. - Calvin Coolidge

2021-03-10T05:10:58.000-08:00March 10 2021, at 05:10 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

Dreams don’t work unless you do. – Unknown

2021-03-09T05:33:17.000-08:00March 09 2021, at 05:33 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

They never said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it. - Unknown

2021-03-08T06:08:56.000-08:00March 08 2021, at 06:08 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

Pain is temporary. Greatness is forever. – Fearlessmotivation

2021-03-06T05:49:56.000-08:00March 06 2021, at 05:49 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

What you allow is what will continue. - Unknown

2021-03-05T03:37:59.000-08:00March 05 2021, at 03:37 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is. - Unknown

2021-03-05T02:30:31.000-08:00March 05 2021, at 02:30 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

Your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving up. Keep going. – Unknown

2021-03-03T07:15:35.000-08:00March 03 2021, at 07:15 AM PST, Ed Collins said:

The hardest thing about climbing the ladder of success is getting through the crowd at the bottom. - Unknown